Virtual Open House LIVE!

The Virtual Open House is LIVE!

First, thank you for your continued engagement with the Gilberts Comprehensive Plan Update! We truly appreciate your involvement and have learned so much from your insights and ideas.

The next step in this process is to confirm we have truly understood your needs, priorities and what you most value for the future of Gilberts. Today, we’re launching the Virtual Open House to do just that. The Virtual Open House will be open until March 31st and will focus each week on a different theme: Week 1 will look at Community Character, Week 2 at Recreation & Open Space, and finally Week 3 will focus on future development in Gilberts.

Week 1 Community Character is now live!
Join us whenever, from wherever you like – activities take 5-mins or less to complete.

The Fine Print: Additional themes will launch each week on Thursdays (we’ll send you a reminder e-mail each week). For each theme, there will be a short, 3-question poll, ideas to react to, and a ranking activity to tell us which objectives are your priorities (see the Draft Goals and Objectives).

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