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This website is a dedicated hub for information and resources related to the Village of Gilberts’ Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range strategy that will guide Gilberts’ future development and address Village needs regarding housing, commercial areas, economic development, and resilience.

Virtual Open House Feedback Summary

A hearty THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Virtual Open House during March 2023! We have reviewed and summarized all the feedback – view the Feedback Summary by clicking on the button below.

The Basics

Easter Egg Hunt 2021, photo by Village of Gilberts
Easter Egg Hunt 2021 | Source: Village of Gilberts
What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a long-range strategy that guides future development and addresses Village needs related to housing, commercial areas, transportation, sustainability, economic development, and more. It evaluates other areas, such as community character and Village services and facilities. Comprehensive Plans often also include Sub-Area Plans (more detailed plans for areas of town which benefit from more specific recommendations) which help to address and evaluate opportunities and constraints in defined areas of town.

Do we have a Plan now?

The Village officials are always planning for the future, but we don’t have all that in one document right now. This is an exciting opportunity to make that happen. Read more below about these benefits of comprehensive plans, the process of creating one, and how the Village will use the Plan going forward.

Why do we need a Comprehensive Plan?

Comprehensive planning formalizes and communicates the community’s vision for its future, which serves as its guide for economic sustainability. Specifically, the Plan is a tool to manage growth, respond to the evolving economy, and inform public policy and investment. A Comprehensive Plan is essentially a community’s investment guide for the private and public sectors.

What is the process?

The comprehensive planning process takes time. It begins with data collection and community feedback.  A draft plan and subarea plans will be prepared and the community will be invited to provide additional feedback.  Once the vision is refined, the final plan will be prepared for review by the public, and formally considered at a Plan Commission meeting before being adopted by the Village Board. This process began in Fall of 2021.

What does the Village hope to gain through this process?

Through this process, the Village hopes to achieve the following:

  • Build Community Consensus – encourage public support for a collective vision that provides clarity and consensus when proposed projects are consistent with the plan.
  • Provide Continuity – give future Village Boards and officials a common framework for addressing development and land use issues over time.
  • Build Community Capacity – engage residents, business owners and other partners and empower them to participate in carrying out Gilberts’ shared vision.
  • Promote Economic Development – clearly communicate Gilberts’ expectation as it relates to economic sustainability.
  • Balance Competing Interests – evaluate the community as a whole in order to create orderly and rational development patterns.
  • Preserve Valued Resources – plan for the enhancement or protection of natural resources by future development.
  • Shape the Appearance of the Community – establish policies and guidelines that foster a distinctive sense of place.
  • Validate Decision-Making – provide a factual basis by which the community can make sound zoning decisions.
  • Protect Public Investments – promote system expansion as part of orderly and phased development.

The Topics

The planning process will begin with an evaluation of existing conditions – this includes the built environment, the market, and residents’ opinions.  Recommendations will be made as part of an overall implementation strategy.

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What we’ve heard so far

Describe Gilberts today

“Quiet, small town, not bikeable…”

In 10-15 years, what would you like Gilberts to be like, or have?

More trails, family-oriented activities, supportive of new businesses, gathering spaces, farmers markets, small town & rural feel….”

Where do you see community in Gilberts?

“Strong sense of community, mutual reliance…”

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